Santorini is an island with the land capturing amazing worldwide-known beauties and the
sea revealing magical aspects of Mediterranean dreamy enjoyment. Premier stands for bringing them under a unified exclusive manner, all in one vision, so apparent, still so innovative.

Nature has been proven to be a great artist as far as the island of Santorini is concerned. The volcano has been creating and breaking the bright-coloured rocks and its last burst, about 3600 years ago, resulted into a fantastic unique caldera on top of which the next inhabitants of the island placed their settlements.

History, tradition, tastes, flavors, beauty… all in one breathtaking view! Santorini will fascinate you with its amazing sunsets, but also with its sunrises – more discreet and quiet – characterized by marvelous unique colours. It will dazzle you with its pure white typical buildings in contrast to the darker colours of the rocks. It will take off the insurmountable sensations of flavours by trying the unique varieties of wines and local dishes. It will take you back in time to discover the richness of the history that hides within it.

Experience a unique mix and match of the past and the present, which becomes an indulgence for all the senses of the body, the soul and the spirit.

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